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Technique of jewelers

The main types of jewelry techniques

Jewelery machinery carving blacking

At jewelers, as well as at other pro, weight of various receptions and the technician. How many gauze, silvering, blackening, oxidizing, anodizing ... Only the toning of the surface can be typed ... You can decorate the product by drawing, engraving, carving, inlaying, embossing, kanfareniya and stamping. The technique of jewelry filigree is rather a work with a line and a contour, and enamel on ornaments is a wonderful opportunity to work with color.

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Precious and semiprecious stones Schumann Walter


Precious and semiprecious stones Schumann Walter

The most complete catalog of precious and semiprecious stones.

A detailed description of about 1400 stones, chemical and physical properties: chemical composition, optical characteristics, color, inclusions, imitations, cut shapes, classification, evaluation and much more.

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Resolution of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan of August 10, 2017 No. PP-3199

With the aim of reviving and developing the national jewelry production based on centuries-old national traditions, creating on this basis new jobs, ensuring the production of high-value-added products and satisfying the population in high-quality jewelry, and in pursuance of the State Program for Implementing the Strategy for Action Five Priority directions of the development of the Republic of Uzbekistan in 2017-2021 in the "Year of Dialogue with the People and Human Interest"

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Tashkent 1 Jewelry Factory, production of jewelry
Tashkent, Chilanzar-20 quarter, 46

Phonon, production of precious metal jewelry
Tashkent city, Usmana Yusupova street, 50

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