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Goals and objectives

Uzbekistan Jewelery Association provides a resource for buyers, government and business based on the recognition of many qualities of the jewelry industry in Uzbekistan.

Objectives of the Association:

  • Assistance to the development of the national jewelry industry in Uzbekistan;
  • The main goal of the Association is to protect the rights and interests of jewelers in Uzbekistan;
  • Creation of equal competitive conditions for conscientious, efficient and civilized conduct of entrepreneurial activity in the sphere of production and trade in jewelry;
  • Attraction of grants and technical assistance to international organizations, as well as foreign direct investments to create new jobs, additional types of services and development of jewelry industry in Uzbekistan;
  • Creating favorable conditions for the export of Uzbek-made jewelry to foreign markets;
  • Formation of conditions for the organization of training and professional development of specialists in the jewelry industry, training highly qualified personnel;
  • Establishment and development of cooperation with professional associations of foreign countries, exchange of advanced experience in applying advanced technologies of the jewelry industry to foreign jewelery organizations;
  • Representation of interests and protection of the rights of members of the Association.


Tasks of the Association:

  • Providing leadership and education to promote the adoption of best practices and information and selective exchange of information among all members of the Association;
  • Represent the interests of its members to facilitate fair consideration by all levels of government;
  • Help your partners provide services, information and technologies that support the integrity, security and profitability of their business;
  • Assistance in expanding professional and business contacts with foreign partners and investors, in promoting goods and services produced by members of the Association to foreign markets;
  • Organization of business visits of members of the Association and the invitation to the Republic of foreign entrepreneurs;
  • Providing members of the Association with a wide range of services, including information support and advice;
  • Preparation of proposals for improving legislation aimed at improving the legal and economic conditions for carrying out entrepreneurial activities of members of the Association;
  • Organization of work on practical implementation of the decisions of the Government of the Republic of Uzbekistan to stimulate the development of regional and foreign trade;
  • Preparation of project proposals and their implementation in the framework of technical assistance provided by international organizations to the Republic of Uzbekistan.