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Main task of the Jewelery Association of Uzbekistan is to motivate client confidence. In this regard, to the attention of consumers were provided such services as:

  • Organize and conduct training courses to enhance experience and skills for both beginners and experienced clients for the development of their business, not only at the territory of Uzbekistan;
  • Organization of interethnic meetings for the exchange of experience;
  • Organization of business visits of members of the Association including invitation of foreign entrepreneurs to the Republic of Uzbekistan ;
  • Holding business forums, international conferences and seminars in and outside Uzbekistan;
  • Providing useful information and advice to our members. Beside downloading useful reference guides for all types of business transactions, such as pricing and conditions, member requests also take precedence;
  • Assistance in identifying and finding sources of financing for the implementation of investment projects of the Association members;
  • Improvement of skills, improvement of knowledge about products, acquaintance of the young person with the industry or advancement in the sphere of business;
  • Regularly receive updates on legislative and industry practices at the local anesthetic and at the national level;
  • Conducting regional and international conferences, seminars and business forums in the territory of the Republic and abroad;
  • Providing assistance in expanding professional and business contacts with foreign partners and investors, in promoting goods and services produced by members of the Association for foreign markets;
  • Industry rules that are free of jargons, providing reports market reports that allow our members to track trends.